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Compression mounting

Compression mounting
Problems Probable causes Possible solutions

- Poor adhesion to sample surface.

- Decrease molding temperature.
- Cool mount before ejecting sample.

Mold cracking

- Powders absorbed moisture.
- Entrapped gases during molding.
- Sample too large for mold area.
- Samples have sharp corners.
- High internal stress due to rapid cooling.

- Preheat powders.
- Release pressure for a moment during
flow stage.
- Reduce size of specimen.
- Clearance between sample and mold should be approx. 1/8". Reduce specimen size.
- Allow mounts to cool more slowly.

Top die damaged

- Not enough mounting media added.

- Add sufficient mounting powder.

Mold blistering

- Not enough applied pressure.
- Curing time is insufficient.

- Increase pressure. 
- Increase curing time.

Mounts sticking to mold cylinder

- Mold temperature too high.

- Reduce molding temperature.
- Apply releasing agent.

Staining and dull surfaces

- Mold temperature too high

- Reduce molding temperature.

Color of dye in the mount bleeds while rinsing in alcohol.

-Molding temperature is too low.
-Insufficient curing time.

-Verify temperature.  Adjust if necessary.
-Increase curing time.

Unfused mount

- Molding temperature too low.
- Insufficient curing time.

- Vary pressure applied. Adjust if necessary.
- Lengthen curing time.

Cotton ball effect

- Mounting temperature did not reach maximum temperature
- Curing time is not sufficient

- Verify temperature. Adjust if necessary.
- Increase curing time.

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